June 23, 2010

Need a Lift?

I know lately I sure have and my friends have been there for me.  I am just so blessed by the amount of support that we've received in the last month.  It has been more than a week since I last posted and let me tell you it has been a busy one.  I've been sending out resumes and had my first interview in seven years and it went really well.  I was really thinking I would be on my work tomorrow but, unfortunately for me, the company had a better candidate.  The supervisor was kind enough to keep my resume on file just in case something came up and she is even willing to send my name on to any other employer she knows who needs an administrative assistant or bookkeeper.  How cool is that?

Despite all the outpouring of support from friends and family, my husband and I are becoming quite discouraged with the sale of our house.  So on top of not being able to get this job and not selling the house our fears are mounting.  It just goes to prove that you can make as many plans as you like but God is going to come along and make plans of his own.  In the meantime I'll keep applying for jobs and keeping the house clean for showings.

The cards I have for you today were ones that I sent for the last Embellish Magazine publication call but that too wasn't meant to be.  The good news is that now I have something to share with you, dear blog friends.  The black thread in the first card was meant to be the bicycle tire spokes.  I've seen the PTI Everyday Button Bits Bike done in Tandem before I just don't recall where.  Nothing new there but I liked the wheels and the colour balance in this card. In the bottom card I created my favourite balloon scene and use a black button and thread for the basket.

Anyhow, thanks so much for following my blog even though I haven't been giving much inspiration or encouraging comments for you. I will have another card to share with you Thursday or Friday.  Please check back. I trust that this post finds you all healthy and happy.  Happy Crafting!

EDIT June 26 ~ I decided to take Karen's advice and enter the bike card for the I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE CHALLENGE IN THE MOXIE FAB WORLD.


  1. Both of these are fantastic, the colors just sing. Love the spokes too! (PS-you should enter it in the current Moxie Fab challenge...) I know it will get better for your soon, or at least I'm hoping it does!

  2. Love the bicycle card, Laurel!! The button wheels are fabulous as are the three ribbon tabs up top. Well done on the hot air balloons too.

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time lately. That patience things sucks at times...I'm the "I want patience and I want it NOW" type at times and it has taken God years to mellow me out and trust in His timing and His ways. Someone once told me, "aren't you glad all your prayers weren't answered" - ah, yes!! What I wanted and what I needed were two very different things quite often.

    Well done on the job interview! The more you do the better you feel about doing them and the more you begin to interview THEM LOL! Someone out there will be thrilled to have you working for them, they just haven't found you yet :D
    Hang in there!

  3. Aw... Laural. I really feel for you!! All these news are frustrating for sure. BUT with that said, you must trust the God has a BETTER plan for you and that you must be patient ( I know it's easier said than done). I will be thinking of you and pray about this matter for you. So glad to see your post again as I am finally picking up the pieces.... Thank you for the support and e-mails for me. I'll be here for you when you need me. xoxo

  4. Oh BTW... both cards are gorgeous! Love the tires and spokes for the bike and it's always lovely to see your balloon cards. It is just so ...uplifting!! We all needed that from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. oh, I love the papers on the second card :) So many little details on both...eye candy alert...:) as everyone is saying...hang in...hard to do when time probably is standing still as you hold your breath. I know, though...you just want to know "when."

  6. Love the two cards! I chose that sentiment for my challenge card too ;)

  7. Both cards are great!! love the buttons for wheels on the bikes!!

  8. Hey Laural-Lee! Thanks for entering the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)