July 15, 2010

Sketch Challenges and a News Update

Good morning everyone!  I've got a couple more sketches done for the Practicing Creativity Challenges that end today.  And I've got some news since so much has been happening in my life these last couple of months.

Anyhow let's start with the first card.  For this sketch there was no doubt that I was going to use the PCD Look Up Set!  It's my all time favourite set and pair it with the clouds "You're Dandy" and you have one fun card.  My favourite parts of this card are button basket and the sentiment panel made up of Cosmo Cricket ledger paper, PTI ric rac and PCD banner stamp.  The sentiment was made from the Fanciful Swirls font from Hero Arts.

Now for my second fun card but this time for boys, I used up some of my Cogsmo (Cosmo Cricket) pattern paper and some hand stitching to bring a little something original to the card.  Things were simplified by using the border paper for the horizontal lines and a tag for that focus panel. I used three different types of stitches and different fonts for the printing.  Happy Birthday sentiment is from the PCD set "You're Dandy" and the Friend sentiment was made using the fanciful swirl font from Hero Arts.

Now for my news!  I've managed to find a job willing to give me the hours that will work nicely for my family at least during the school year.  So I'll be going back to work for 30 hours a week starting next week as well as a bookkeeping side job on the weekend.  I will be very busy for the next little while and in September we move into our new house so I will also be preparing for that.  We haven't sold this house yet but it will happen and in the meantime we don't have the money worries now that I'll be back at work. I don't know how much time I'm going to have to do what I love but I hope you will all keep in touch by email if you haven't seen much of me.  I still want to try and get at least one post done per week but at this point in time I have no idea how I'll adjust to the new routine.  One foot in front of the other.

My daughter broke my heart the other night while I was tucking her into bed.  She's very upset that I'll be going back to work.  I tried to explain that with the extra money we may be able to get to Disneyland sooner.  She's been asking to go for the last 6 months since 2 of her friends have already been.  And her response "Mommy I love you more than Disneyland and I want you to stay home."  What could I really say?  It brought a tear to my eye that's for sure.  It just goes to show that our kids would rather have our time and attention than anything material.


  1. Wow, I LOVE the balloon card!! Very creative!

  2. Those are great, nice take on the sketches.

  3. Just read the rest of your post, sob sob, children are so precious.

  4. Hey Laural-Lee! First of all, LOVE both of your cards. The colors and design are top-notch! Secondly I'm happy for you to get a job that will suit your schedule (it's tough in this day and age). Thirdly, I know it must be hard to be saying bye to your little one for a few hours a day. But in time, you will all adjust to it just fine, I'm sure! Good luck with everything else. And last but not least, do not forget to craft, it's good for YOU and the family :)

  5. SO excited for you and your job, especially one that allows you to work around the kids' school schedule! Perfect!! Loved your daughter's words...out of the mouth of babes come such pure and heart felt words. Shows how special you are to them and warms my heart!

    You sound like you are going to be crazy busy! Hope you can get some "mommy time" in there somewhere!! We all need that to keep our sanity and keep the "grouchies" away - don't ask me how I know LOL! Now all that is left is the sale of the house :D

    Glad you got away to stamp a bit. Love the balloon card :D SO many wonderful cards made with balloons. I may cave in and get a set yet LOL!

    Can't believe we only have one more day of VBS! It is such a crazy busy week, and I am exhausted today, but sad it will all be over tomorrow! Biiiiig sleep in planned for Saturday morning LOL!

    Keep us posted on how the new job is going!! (((hugs)))

  6. These are both very cute! I love the cloud stamped background and that fabulous hot air balloon! Great job with the sketch!


  7. What a darling story, and one to treasure for sure. Glad to hear things are picking up for you, and hope to hear from you soon. Getting your "thank you" together this weekend is on top of my list-have everything sorted just need to find/make the right kind of card for you and gather it in an envelope.
    PS I think that button for a balloon bottom is AMAZING!!!!

  8. Awww that is such a sweet story. I love these cards! That little basket on the hot air balloon is amazing!

  9. These cards are just darling and the story tugged at my heart strings!

  10. Two fabulous cards and a wonderful lesson....I knew there was a fabulous reason for stopping by today. Your button basket IS awesome and that hand stitching makes my fingers twitch, but your daughter's sentiment is what really gets me! Too sweet!