August 5, 2010

I'm Alive...but not awake

Hey everyone!  Just a quick little blurb to let you all know that I am healthy and happy although I am very tired working 2 jobs and getting the house ready to move next month.  We managed to sell our house last week!!  Such a relief and now we can get on with our lives.  And the bonus is I don't have to worry so much about keeping the house spotless while I'm working.

Unfortunately with all that is going on I just don't have time to dedicate to my craft.  I haven't picked up a stamp set in over two weeks!  Sad but true.  I have, however, gone camping with the family over the BC long weekend.  That is nothing short of a miracle as I despise camping.  The kids love it!  So while it was a long weekend, it really wasn't much of a break and I feel like I could really use another long weekend.  Here's a picture of my family having lunch...yes that's my hubby in the background doing the cooking. =)

That's all I have time for, for now.  I don't know when I'll be on here next and I will completely understand if you stop following my boring blog as all I have to discuss right now is work.  I do hope you'll drop me an email if you think of me.  I'm so glad to have met some really amazing people in blogland and wish you all the very best.  

Today I'm grateful for selling our house!  What are you grateful for?


  1. Glad you are having fun with your family and SO glad your house sold! Looking forward to seeing your inky creations soon!

  2. Aaaack, didn't know you'd sold your house! Congrats!! What a wonderful relief and as you say, you can actually LIVE in your house again.

    I'm with you re: the camping. Can't stand it, but the kids have a ball so it's worth it. Hang in there with all you have to do in the next month or so. Soon enough you'll be able to stamp again :D

  3. Good luck with moving, Laural-Lee! It's a stressful time... I'll be thinking of you! The kids do love camping, don't they... hours of entertainment! Cute photo!

  4. Camping. My thoughts are with you, miss Laural! And I certainly don't think your blog is boring and if and when you post again I will be sure to visit! Hope things go smoothly for you!

  5. congrats again on selling the house!!!! I know what a huge relief that must will you continue both jobs now? I'm heading to WA next weekend so I'll have your PTI order on the Monday...will email you to arrange pick up or drop off :) Have you checked the Verve blog lately ;) ;) ? TTYS

  6. Such great news =) Congrats! Life happens - you're dealing just fine....don't stress it =)
    Today, I'm grateful for friends & family with patience. After a testing week, it was lovely to get up on a horse and enjoy myself!

  7. Woo hoo! So happy you sold the house :>)
    Once things settle down I am sure you will find time for crafting again. It is amazing how fast the days and nights go by with one job, so I can not imagine 2.
    Today I am grateful that I am off this coming week!!! Not that I will have tons of crafting time, but still :~)
    I am becoming a follower...just too far out of the loop without you doing SG sketches!

  8. I certainly miss you around here, but I TOTALLY understand girl. We always have to prioritize! I hope you get some rest from all the business soon, and congrats on selling your house!