November 13, 2010

Operation Sunshine

This year my daughter started Grade 2!!!  No longer my baby girl and turning into a little lady.  Unfortunately the cattiness of little girls has begun along with the hurt feelings.  It's a whole new learning experience filled with growing and my hope that there's something positive to learn from it all. The goal of this project is for my daughter to give the girls in her classroom a book mark that would remind them what she appreciates most about them....spread a little sunshine.  A way of showing appreciation for their individuality even if she doesn't always agree with them. 

The idea for this project comes from something my daughter's preschool teachers made for her.  Each child made a picture and told each classmate which virtue (patient, kind, friendly, compassionate, etc) they saw most in them.  Those pictures were collected and then the teacher made a laminated book out of them.  I still catch T. looking at her book.  It's her feel good book.  And how good would it feel to get a genuine positive remark from someone you thought didn't like you or appreciate you?

Elements used in this are pretty only goal besides using up scraps was to create unique bookmarks, not one is the same.  Different buttons, ribbon, and stamp placement.  The pictures still aren't the greatest but I have to get batter lamps for my quickly put together light box.  It will all have to do for now.

Hope you see feel a little sunshine in your life today.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. what a fabulous and sweet idea :) It sounds like her preschool teacher took the Virtue Project workshop...we did too this September and talk daily about virtues :) It's a wonderful program :) I hope these help :) good to see you today and catch up quickly...what did you find out by yourself?

  2. What a fabulous idea!! I hate how catty girls get....boys are so much easier to deal with. They get mad, get in a scrap and walk away friends LOL!

  3. What a great idea! Love these!

  4. Awwwwww - I hope they like them. What a great idea. Isn't it sad how early that cattiness starts?! Great job!