October 25, 2011

Happy 7th

I was so inspired by this verve sketch that I had to make another card for my son's 7th birthday.  That sketch makes it easy to use up some of that chipboard I seem to have laying around.  I definitely have more than I need.  Don't you just love when a sketch works so well you could make it over and over.  The only drawback for this sketch is the somewhat finicky circle cutting.  

 I fell in love with the fun colours of the this patterned paper.  I believe it's an October Afternoon collection. It's usually hard to come up with masculine cards since my stamp collection for that category is somewhat limited.   The "Happy" sentiment from the Waltzing Mouse may be a little too feminine but I thought I could pass it off as more boho LOL.  The happy birthday sentiment might be a little too slanted but whatever....it's still a fun card.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion at Halloween
Anyhow we're back from Disneyland and we all had a blast.  It was a large group of us, 6 kids and 8 adults, making it easy to keep an eye on all of them.  We were able to separate and make the most of our time.  It was so awesome to see everything done up for halloween...I can only imagine what it looks like at Christmas.  Has anyone ever been during that time? Would I do it all again?...I'm much too exhausted right now to even think about that.  I must say that any family outing or wait in line in the future will be a peice of cake.  In the end, the memories made were magical and I was so surprised at how well the kids travelled.  

What magical place have you travelled with your family and what made it so special?  I'd have to say that one of our most memorable trips still has has to be the Vancouver aquarium only a few hours away.  The kids were just so excited to see the wonders of the ocean.


  1. Yeah, you're back :) Glad to hear you had a great time, though exhausting. You'll have lots of fun memories to reflect on, and one day laugh about the long line ups :) I must say the Vancouver Aquarium is a great place to visit - the otters being my favorite :)

    I loved that sketch too - made three cards with it and will no doubt be using it again some time. Love the bright colours and how you used the sketch.

  2. Super card, love the mix of patterns you've got. We usually travel to see my folks during the winter, that's about as far as we will probably get for going some place fun on vacation!

  3. what a cool time to see the Haunted House! I only had one kid on my trip to DL when Jake was 9 and my sister joined us to go on the crazy rides with him...I don't do them :) AND what a fun 7 year old card...glad to see you back creating :) oh, and the PTI order just arrived today :) NO DUTY!! Woohoo!! I'll email you with the amount and to arrange pickup. I'm still on the North Shore, but will be up at the house on Saturday if you are able to pop by for an early tour ;)