January 21, 2010

Anything is Possible ~ Cinema Saturday #62

Good morning everyone!  Ready for your day?  I'm actually writing this late at night and I've only had 4 hours of sleep last night so please forgive me for any errors.  I'll check again tomorrow.

This weeks cinema saturday challenge is based on the movie: A Night at the Museum and the added challenge of using a miniature.  I'm not a huge fan but I sat down and watched the first part until I got the idea I wanted to run with.  My favourite character is Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams) and during his first meeting with Ben Stiller's character he says "Nothing is impossible.  Anything can be done."  I tried the find out where that quote originated from but all I could find were philosophical debates about whether NOTHING really is impossible. (If it's the absent of something than it would be wouldn't it?) I know you're going think about that once your done reading aren't you?

So while my card is very simplistic (and I'm kind of disappointed because I forgot to add the stitching around the front sentiment before I added the spaceship) I really think this will be a very encouraging card to give to one of my kids when they are struggling.

Anyhow, the quote that inspired me got me to thinking about how President Roosevelt's (1901-1909) positivity and those like him allowed so much technical advancement to occur within the last 100 years.  Here's a brief historical run down:

1903 - Wright brothers invent the airplane
1913 - First talking movie
1921 - First am radio broadcast
1961 - First man in Space (Yuri Gagarin)
1962 - Phillips invents the compact casset
1963 - First man to walk on the moon (Neil Armstrong)

All the elements in my card are meant to reflect those accomplishments including the miniature of the space ship.  Thanks so much for letting me talk your ear off.  I hope you have a super fabulous day.


  1. love the inspiration and history time line...it's really amazing when you see how short of time it's been since airplanes and then rockets!! Just a super fun card :) Hope you're able to get a nap in somewhere :)

  2. Laural-Lee - this is just darling! I LOVE this sentiment and the Cosmo Cricket paper is one of my FAVES!!! Love the rocket and the historical timeline is just amazing to look back and reflect on how far we have come in the last century! From the first talking movie in 1913 to watching a video on YouTube on your own phone today!!! That is crazy when you think about it!!! I really appreciate the fact that you made this card even when the movie is not your fave - I know exactly what you mean - sometimes its hard to find that inspiration when the movie doesn't always speak to you - but it always amazes me that the cards everyone creates from these movie inspired challenges is so unique - I love that you have this card ready to go to give to your kids if they are having a hard day! that is so sweet!!! Thanks so much for playing along with the Cinema Saturday Challenges Laural-Lee - its always so much fun to see your beautiful creations!!!!
    Big hugs!!!!!!!
    Sankari :)

  3. Ditto from above... The girls said it all.
    I love all the little advancements you listed so Cool!
    You are is out of this world. Literally. It totally captured my heart when I saw it.


  4. This card is so cute -love the planes, the rockets. Perfect 'pick-me-up' card.

  5. That is one great boy card...super paper!

  6. Great card, even the long shape adds to the theme of the card!

  7. I love all the elements you incorporated in your card. Also the inspiration behind the design. Thanks for sharing. I believe everything we set are heart out to- is possible. And this would be a great card to encourage any young boy :)

  8. You rocked this challenge!! Great job - such an uplifting card, Laural!

  9. Cute rocket ship. My boys would love this!