August 27, 2009

Little Hands

I really wanted to make something special for my daughter's first girly room.  As I described in one of my first posts , I decided to do a butterfly theme hoping it will last longer than a couple of years and save myself the trouble of redecorating until she is at least nine.  (Here's to hope).

Anyhow,  the song "Hands" by Jewel has always struck a cord with me and I thought it would be nice to share with my Daughter something that inspires me, helps me to find strength & courage and reminds me of my faith in prayer. She may not have an understanding of the songs meaning now but she may in a few years.

I took the pictures of my daughter and her hands with this vision in mind.  I am by no means a photographer as you can tell by quality of the above picture.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it. The song lyrics were printed on Whisper White paper and then the rest of it was decorated in Purely Pomegranate, Pink Pirouette, and Raspberry Tart paper.  The frame I believe was $2 on clearance.  I used the scallop punch and the Martha Steward butterfly punch to tie in the butterfly theme.  This decorated frame is nothing fancy but it holds a lot of sentiment.

Today I encourage you to share a song that means something to you with someone you care for.  Music and lyrics can say so much can't they? I was recently sent a song by a friend because it reminded her of me and it was nice to know that I was thought of. 


  1. This is a really lovely idea and will mean so much more than a print bought at the store. I love the lyrics of that song--such a great message for your daughter to learn.

  2. What a beautiful memory for your daughter. It's presented so stylishly yet timelessly, something to treasure.

  3. this is a treasure :) I agree about how lyrics can mean so much...they are poetry set to music. I even printed out the first three songs and the last song at our wedding because they meant so much :)